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Make a Skeena Wilderness safari a part of your vacation plans. You won’t regret it.

While Skeena Wilderness is known for our fishing charters, we also offer a range of local cultural and wildlife tours. Whether you want to take a jet boat, a raft, or just want an easy-going walking tour, Skeena Wilderness has an eco-touring option for you.

Visit First Nations Cultural Sites, Heritage Sites, Memorial Parks, Ocean Adventures, Jetboat Tours

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The greatest Salmon and Steelhead fishing in the world is waiting for you in Terrace, British Columbia

We want to take you Skeena River Fishing to the largest Wild Steelhead on earth. With over 45 years of experience, our Terrace, BC Fishing Guides are the only guides who can take you on all of the rivers in the area, including both classified and unclassified waters. Contact us today for salmon fishing, steelhead fishing, freshwater charters, saltwater ocean fishing charters, breathtaking wildlife tours, or helicopter fishing.

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