The Lodge

Welcome to the Terrace, B.C. Guesthouse

Skeena Wilderness offers some of the most scenic lodging in Canada, nestled in the mountains of the Northwest. With four double-occupancy rooms (two downstairs, two upstairs), we make sure everyone has the space they need during their stay. Groups of four and fewer can choose to sleep one person to a room if desired. Join us for home-cooked meals in the lodge’s dining area upstairs and, most importantly, have fun.

The Rooms & Amenities

Power, Water, Communications

Power is running and available 24 hours a day, with wireless internet readily available. Our visitors also get cell phone service with most carriers. You can drink the tap water but for those who prefer bottled water, it is available throughout the lodge. As for showers and toilets, you’ll find a shared bathroom downstairs and two additional bathrooms upstairs.

Medical Facilities

The closest medical facility is right in Terrace, approximately 10 minutes from our lodge. It is each guest’s responsibility to disclose any special medical, physical, or dietary needs to Skeena Wilderness ahead of time.

Clothing and Laundry

When lodging in Canada, it is best to layer your clothes—especially in the fluctuating climate of the Northwest. Anglers should be prepared with thermal underwear, a fleece or soft shell jacket, and a rain jacket. Remember: synthetic fabrics are always preferred to cotton. Although we don’t offer laundry service, laundry machines are on-site in case of emergencies.

Alcoholic Beverages

The lodge provides you with a glass of wine or beer with your dinner. However, guests are encouraged and welcome to bring additional alcohol if desired. For your convenience, your host will offer a trip to the local liquor store upon your arrival.

Equipment and Tackle

Equipment Rental

While we recommend that anglers bring their own equipment, Skeena Wilderness offers a limited amount of gear. Our angling equipment rental area has rods and reels that are kept in great condition, as well as convenient clothing rentals like waders and boots. If you know that you’ll need something in advance, be sure to let us know well before your trip to confirm availability.


Single-handed rods range from 9′ to 11′ with line sizes from 8 to 10. Spey rods from 12′ to 15′ are appropriate with line sizes from 7 to 9 when steelhead fishing. Anglers targeting kings may want to use Spey rods in line weights 8 to 10. If you plan to fish both wet and dry flies, bring a rod for each purpose. Spare rods are also a good idea in case of an accident.


Bring high-quality single-action reels on your charter trip. Our reels hold at least 100 yards of backing, and 200 for fishing the Skeena. A good drag is helpful but not essential. Be sure to bring two reels if you plan on fishing both wet flies and dry flies.


You should have at least two lines for wet fly angling with single-hand rods; we recommend a Rio VersiTip fly line and Jim Teeny’s 200-grain sinking line (24′). Floating lines are excellent choices for wet fly-fishing in the classic “greased line” tradition and, of course, Spey or double-handed rods with a multi-tip line work best for dry fly angling.

Printable List of Fly Gear Recommendations

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