• Giant Chinook

    Giant Chinook

    Spring Kings – Spring Chinook and Steelhead Charters

    The Skeena River and her Tributaries offer the finest Spey and Flyfishing opportunities for hooking into chrome bright Chinook and Steelhead.

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  • Trophy Salmon

    Trophy Salmon

    Spey, Fly, or Gear Fishing – Skeena Legends

    The Skeena River has produced some of the largest Salmon and Steelhead in the world.

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  • Wildlife Tours

    Wildlife Tours

    Local Cultural & Wildlife Tours

    Let us take you on a jetboat tour, rafting tour, or easy-going walking tour to explore the area.

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  • Private Helicopter Fishing

    Private Helicopter Fishing

    Helicopter Fishing, BC – Fishing from Above

    Our private guided helicopter tour will take you to the largest Salmon & Steelhead in the world.

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  • Book Your Trip in Spring or Winter

    Book Your Trip in Spring or Winter

    All Seasons – 4 Season Fishing

    The lower Skeena River and Terrace area has chrome bright Steelhead in all 4 Seasons

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  • Steelhead Fishing

    Steelhead Fishing

    Skeena Wilderness – Fishing Charters

    We’re proud to be able to take you to the best wild steelhead fishing on the planet.

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  • Terrace Fishing

    Terrace Fishing

    BC’s Top Fishing Destination

    Over 45 years in the guiding business to offer you a successful, exciting fishing trip.

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  • Salmon Fishing

    Salmon Fishing

    Fresh Fishing Excursions

    World-record king salmon at your fingertips, the largest in British Columbia.

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  • Terrace, BC Fishing

    Terrace, BC Fishing

    Skillful & Safe Fishermen & Boatmen

    All-inclusive trips, day trips, and remote helicopter trip options for an unparalleled experience.

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  • Skeena River Fishing

    Skeena River Fishing

    Classified & Unclassified Rivers

    Seasoned veterans adept at all fishing techniques – book with us today.

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Fish in The Skeena River to Catch The World's Largest Salmon & Steelhead

Book your next fishing trip with Skeena Wilderness Fishing Charters. Freshwater charters, saltwater charters & ecotours available. Whether you're a fly fisherman or gear fisherman we can guide you on a fishing experience like no other.

Call or email us today with any question and we’d be happy to answer your questions.

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Skeena Wilderness – Fishing Charters Terrace British Columbia

Welcome To Skeena Wilderness Fishing Charters

Fresh Fishing Excursions

British Columbia’s Fishing Destination

The Largest Wild Steelhead on Earth. The Skeena River, and many remote coastal Rivers near Terrace, British Columbia offers the Best Wild Steelhead Fishing anywhere on Earth. We are licensed to guide more classified rivers near Terrace, BC than any other guide operation.

Why you should book with Skeena Wilderness Fishing charters:

  • The Skeena river and her tributaries is the ultimate fly fishing playground. Skeena wilderness fishing charters has been in the guiding business for over 45 years. We are the local professionals. My two sons work with me in our business and have been raised and trained by me on all of these local rivers. They are excellent double handed spey and single handed fly casters. They read the water very well as fishermen and as skillful safe boatmen. We run top quality Alumaweld and Wooldridge jet boats. Alumaweld drift boats and Avon rafts. We use Sage, Loomis and Thomas & Thomas rods, Ross reels and professionally tied flies. Everything is first class. We offer day trips, ALL INCLUSIVE trips and remote helicopter trips. Something for everyone.

  • We are licensed to guide on ALL the classified and unclassified rivers in the Terrace, Kitimat and Prince Rupert area. No other guiding operation is licensed to guide ALL the rivers that are. Our license includes the CLASS 1 ZYMOETZ (Copper) CLASS 1 GITNADIOX. Our CLASS 2 rivers include ZYMOETZ 2 (Copper) KALUM , KWINAMASS, SKEENA 2 & SKEENA 4 plus all the unclassified waters. We are also licensed for the restricted ISHKEENICKH and KINCOLITH in the NASS area. All these rivers are the home of all the world record steelhead and salmon. If one river is blown out we are licensed to guide you where the best fishing is. We all have experienced the disappointment of arriving for your week of fishing and finding that the water is too high or too low or that you should have been there last week.

  • The last thing that you need is to travel all the way to CANADA to find that the same thing can happen. The SKEENA watershed has a number of different angling areas with different weather patterns and the tributaries that flow through these areas have different characteristics and different water level requirements for successful fishing. There is always somewhere to go.

  • The right guide will have licenses to fish all these rivers allowing you the best chance of a memorable rather than miserable trip. It need not happen to you if you book with the right guide. We are that guide that is licensed for ALL the rivers.

  • SKEENA wilderness’s fishing lodge is situated right near the SKEENA river, minutes from the ZYMOETZ (Copper) and KALUM rivers. We are right in the heart of the best fishing.

  • Terrace, British Columbia is a small city situated on the banks of the Skeena River at the heart of Skeena region that not only offers the largest king salmon in BC but Coho salmon, sockeye salmon, pink salmon, and chum salmon as well. Dolly Varden char, bull trout, and sea-run cutthroat trout are caught frequently in the main stem of the Skeena and in the many tributary rivers only a short distance away.

  • For the discerning angler, Skeena steelhead are the prime reason for a trip to northern BC. The steelhead fishing guides at Skeena Wilderness are seasoned veterans adept at steelhead fly fishing techniques, as well as the use of drift fishing strategies for the most aggressive and exciting of Canadian game fish.

  • Along with experiencing some amazing fishing, you can enjoy photography, hiking, camping, whitewater drifts, and tours of the area.

Best to first e-mail or give us a telephone call to determine the best time to book your customized fishing adventure. Everyone has different priorities. We want to book your priorities first. If you do not book with us we both LOSE.

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The greatest Salmon and Steelhead fishing in the world is waiting for you in Terrace, British Columbia

We want to take you Skeena River Fishing to the largest Wild Steelhead on earth. With over 45 years of experience, our Terrace, BC Fishing Guides are the only guides who can take you on all of the rivers in the area, including both classified and unclassified waters. Contact us today for salmon fishing, steelhead fishing, freshwater charters, saltwater ocean fishing charters, breathtaking wildlife tours, or helicopter fishing.

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