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Experience Canadian Wildlife Firsthand

While Skeena Wilderness is known for our fishing charters, we also offer a range of local village and wildlife tours. Whether you want to take a jet boat, a raft, or just want an easy-going walking tour, Skeena Wilderness has an eco-touring option for you.

Whale Tail

Whale Watching

This is an excellent tour choice for the summer months. There are plenty of whales to spot in June and July, but August is the peak time for serious watchers. These tours are based out of Prince Rupert, British Columbia, where grey, humpback, and killer whales are common in the summer.

Nisga'a Memorial Lava Bed Tours

These lava beds can be found in the Nass Valley just north of Terrace, British Columbia. Hundreds of years ago, the lava completely covered the Nisga'a village. Today, it is a memorial park where natives accompany you throughout the tour. The scenery includes waterfalls and pools of beautiful water. You may also spot bears along the tour in April and May.

Kincolith Village Tour

This consists of a three-hour bus ride up the Nass valley passing the lava beds on our way. When we get to the village, you can view authentic totem poles and take in the scenic village. There is also a gift shop and no shortage of eateries serving delicious crab dishes. In fact, the village holds a week-long Crabfest starting on July 1! Alternately, you can take the tour in April or May for bear spotting and steelhead fishing.

Kasan Village

Located on the Kispiox River, this village is still home to some Native American chiefs, finely crafted totem poles, and more. Visit their gift shop or ask about booking a village salmon bake in advance. Depending on the time of year, the locals might be drift net fishing for sockeye. Fish lovers have to try salmon that has been smoked using their traditional smoking methods.

Hyder, Alaska/Stewart, British Columbia Tours

Lasting one full day, this is also offered as an overnight tour. The drive to Hyder, Alaska, at the U.S. border is roughly four hours, but when you arrive there is plenty to do. Explore shops, restaurants, glaciers, or spot grizzlies on the Salmon River from the safety of a viewing platform. There's even a hotel if you want to make it an overnight stay. All our tours are headed by experienced guides, and we supply the safety equipment.

Jet Boat Tours

Cut loose on a jet boat tour up some of the most beautiful river valleys near the Skeena River. All of these tours feature beautiful snowcapped mountains and, depending on the time of year, a variety of wildlife. You can spot many different birds, including eagles, as well as bears, moose, and more. Choose the river adventure that sounds best for you:

The Skeena

This is the area's main river. You get aboard at Terrace and travel downstream to the Exchamsiks River about 40 miles away. We will be stopping to have lunch along the way.

The Exstew

This beautiful river valley is lush with gorgeous scenery and a diverse population of birds and other wildlife. You can also get some great fishing done on the Exstew during the fall.

The Lakelse

This easygoing walking tour is perfect for relaxed sightseeing. You'll stroll down the river to a spot where many eagles and waterfowl congregate, and you may even see black bears hunting salmon.

The Kalum

This is ideal for travelers looking for a fast-paced jet boat tour. Spanning roughly 5 miles in an open jet boat, our Kalum tour is a good way to see eagles year-round or bears during the fall.

The Kasiks

Take a picturesque boat ride down the Kasiks River for an experience you'll never forget. This gorgeous valley is the perfect place to find bears, moose, deer, and different birds.

The Zymotez & Bulkley

These tours are both raft rides that are considerably more rugged than our traditional jet boat tours. We recommend these tours for younger, more active guests.

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