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All of the Tackle & Equipment You Need

While we recommend that anglers bring their own equipment, Skeena Wilderness offers a limited amount of gear. Our angling equipment rental area has rods and reels that are kept in great condition, as well as convenient clothing rentals like waders and boots. If you know that you'll need something in advance, be sure to let us know well before your trip to confirm availability.



Single-handed rods range from 9' to 11' with line sizes from 8 to 10. Spey rods from 12' to 15' are appropriate with line sizes from 7 to 9 when steelhead fishing. Anglers targeting kings may want to use Spey rods in line weights 8 to 10. If you plan to fish both wet and dry flies, bring a rod for each purpose. Spare rods are also a good idea in case of an accident.


Bring high-quality single-action reels on your charter trip. Our reels hold at least 100 yards of backing, and 200 for fishing the Skeena. A good drag is helpful but not essential. Be sure to bring two reels if you plan on fishing both wet flies and dry flies.


You should have at least two lines for wet fly angling with single-hand rods; we recommend a Rio VersiTip fly line and Jim Teeny's 200-grain sinking line (24'). Floating lines are excellent choices for wet fly-fishing in the classic "greased line" tradition and, of course, Spey or double-handed rods with a multi-tip line work best for dry fly angling.


The tips that prove most useful on our trips are floating and wet tips: type three, type six, and type eight. Skagit heads are also highly recommended for fishing wet flies on tips, while Scandi heads are preferred for dry line and dry fly fishing.


Dry fly leaders should be 12' to 15' in length and tapered down to a 12- to 16-lb. test. On the other hand, wet fly leaders are typically straight sections of 12- to 15-lb. Maxima Ultra Green. Feel free to ask our guides for suggestions.

Comprehensive Fly Lists

While the guides will provide flies in some situations, we strongly recommend that you come prepared with your own flies. A full breakdown of the different flies that we often have available is listed below. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Dry Flies/Skaters (Sizes 2 to 6):

  • Morrish Pompador — Nightshade, Black & Green, October Caddis
  • Howell Ska-Opper — Black, Natural
  • Steelhead Muddler — Natural, Black, Purple
  • Quigley Dragon Gurgler — Natural, Black, October Caddis

Traditional Steelhead Wets (Sizes 2 to 8):

  • Green Butt Skunk
  • Green Butt Hilton
  • Bruiser — Black & Blue, Purple
  • Streetwalker
  • Silver Hilton
  • Lady Caroline
  • October Hilton
  • Popsicles/Silvey's Marabou Madam
  • Polar Shrimp

Modern Steelhead Wets (Sizes 1/0 to 4):

  • Morrish Medusa — Black & Blue, Black & Pink, Popsicle
  • Morrish Cold Medicine — Black & Blue, Purple & Pink, Black & Gold
  • Morrish Trailer Trash — Black & Blue, Sherbet, Nightshade
  • Killowatt — Black & Blue, Purple
  • Ho Bo Spey — Black & Blue, Green Butt, Orange & Purple, Orange & Pink, Cerise & Black
  • Howell's Signature Intruder — Olive, Black & Blue, Green Butt, Purple
  • Quigley's Double Bead Spey
  • Silvey's Extractor (Large & Small) — Black & Blue, Green Butt, Red
  • Perpetrator — Black & Copper, Black & Gold, October Orange, Silver Hilton
  • Loop Leech — Black, Black & Chartruese, Black & Blue
  • Rock Star — Pink & Purple

Tube Flies:

  • Silveynator—Hot Orange & Black, Pink & Purple, Black & Blue
  • Bunny Tube—Batman, Black & Blue, Popsicle
  • Hoser—Black & Blue, Purple & Pink

Comeback Flies (Sizes 4 to 8):

  • Morrish Dirty Bird—Hares Ear, Rust
  • Agent Onyx
  • Egg Sucking Stone
  • Morrish Deep October Pupa
  • Morrish Half Breed—Green Head, Red Head
  • Morrish Thunder Egg—Bright Pink, Orange
  • Egg Lace Worm
  • Magnum Egg - Peachy Pink, Roe

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